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Create Your Own Reality


Exhibition Profile

Create Your Own Reality (CYOR) is an interactive art show organized by Haojiang Li in 2019. It summaries all projects of HALT CREATION in the years of 2018, 2019, and 2020. It represents a series of deep introspections on the integration of social media in our lives and social conflicts in the globe. The core idea of this interactive art show is its interactive nature. During the events, not only the audience can visually see the artworks, but can also contribute to the artwork, adding their own unique touch to its final form.

Exhibition Info

The theme of the art show is the integration of social media in our lives and culture diversity. There are fun interactive activities such as mural painting and origami constructions for students. During that week, there will be also interesting sculptures created for CYOR.

Other translations:
EN: A Project to explore the relativity of Color, Shapes, Emotions in the digital world.
ES: Un proyecto para explorar la relatividad de colores, formas, emociones en el mundo digital
DE: Ein Projekt, die Relativität der Farben, Formen und Emotionen auf dem digitalle Welt zu erkunden.
FR: Un project qui explore la relativité des Couleur, des Formes, des Émotions dans le monde numéique

Exhibition Period

September 20 - 30, 2019

Exhibition Venue 场馆信息

A. Wilfrid Johns Gallery

MacLaurin Building
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC

Exhibition Schedule 行程安排

From Monday - Wednesday, September 23rd to 25th, in front of McPherson Library/ Petch fountain

From Thursday-Friday, September 25th to 30th, in front of the SUB (Student Union Building)


After "Create Your Own Reality" (2019), the sculptures were made into permanent installations in Vancouver, BC Canada. 
Revisions & Alterations HALT CREATION
Timeframe and Delivery Halt Creation

List of contributors

The works of Li. Wilhelm Haojiang and HALT CREATION would not have been possible without the help of contributors from more than 6 countries around the world.

Wilfrid Akakpovi
William Akakpovi
Ricardo Castillo
Kira Chong
Curtis Hu

Ricardo Castillo
Dillan Spencer
Stella Tang
Sam Warren
Jie Weng

Fadi Abu-Awwad
Ayo Ade
Michael Arcilla
Wilfrid Akakpovi
William Akakpovi
Kevin Cloutier
Jarvis Dash
Denver Femi
Chris Gulka
Sebastian Gulka
Sam Lee
Megan Loland
Lydia Lulie
Sean Pearse
Ludwig Pepler
Joey Perry
Zeboria Peters
Liz Pratt
Hana Raufi
Nita Raufi
Jamie Smith

University of Victoria
Canadian Cancer Society