Zeboria Peters is the man behind the brands Johnny Gr4ves and RUSUR. As an award-winning songwriter, Zeboria has collaborated with the likes of Pop star Dawid Kwiatkowski on COUNTDOWN, Pegboard Nerds on The Pink Cloud EP, and Konrad Oldmoney on the theme song for Beyblade and Cyberpunk 2077. In 2020, Zeboria shifted his focus from behind the scenes (Johnny Gr4ves) to develop himself as a performer under the pseudonym RUSUR.

As one of Zeboria’s many suits—RUSUR, has amassed a fanbase of over 150k followers for his English versions of K-Pop covers and has made history as the first black male K-Pop artist. With the recognition of SM, Giselle from AESPA, Jeon Somi,  Olivia Hye from LOONA, and E-Chan from DKB, it was clear that he was bound for success. The motto that he lives by is 'Don't shoot for the moon, aim for Mars', and with that, he will settle for nothing but greatness.

Zeboria, 艺名Johnny Gr4ves、RUSUR,赛博朋克2077主题音乐“Bruzez” 与 “ Gr4ves” 的歌手。曾与波兰歌手Dawid Kwiatkowski和美国/加拿大制作人Konrad OldMoney合作出品了年度专辑”Countdown“。Zeboria现在主攻KPOP,目标成为第一个黑人KPOP艺人,今年九月份开始参与韩国人气星工厂JYP的相关音乐制作。

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